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Paneer Paratha Recipe - How To Make Paneer Paratha

Posted by Admin on March, 25, 2021

In general, Paneer paratha produced by paneer paratha manufacturer in Pune is an Indian flatbread recipe with cottage grated cheese and spice powder. These can be eaten conveniently for lunch and dinner, but not just for breakfast trial. These parathas can be eaten conveniently as themselves or maybe with a large piece of butter or curd. But with some curries recipe, it'd definitely taste fantastic too. In addition, parathas such as a cube, triangle, and even Heptagonal can be prepared in any form.


Parathas supplied by paneer paratha supplier in Pune have traditionally been a major dish in Northern Indian in particular. Although all of them accept that parathas came from India, some favoured the Persian influence on Indian cuisine. Paneer parathas are eaten more often than not with pickle, but they can also be served with a simple curd. In order to produce an aloo paneer paratha recipe, the paneer paratha can also be prepared with a mixture of pulp and paneer.

A Few Tips And Tricks To Make A Great Paneer Paratha

Prepare a non-sticky, smooth pastry, first of all. The dough should actually be just like chapati or roti dough. Secondly, a few hour's cooling of the dough is advised. It could make a major difference even to cool for half an hour. Finally, finely grate to the little chunks, the paneer. The addition of spices is also totally available. Don't miss the paneer, though, to incorporate amchur powder and chilli powder. Alternatively, the paneer filling may be filled with finely chopped, green chillies that make it spicy, as is sometimes done by the paneer paratha importer.

Paneer Paratha Recipe:


Paneer recipes for stuffing:

1. Take the crumbled paneer first in a shallow mixing cup.

2. Add chilli, garam masala, aamchur and salt. Moreover, add chilli powder.

3. Add ginger and leaves of coriander too.

4. Keep aside, offer a nice blend.

Recipes for chapati/paratha dough:

1. Take a wheat meal, put salt first in a big mixing cup.

2. Knead the dough for five minutes, then add water.

3. Additionally, grate the dough for at least 20 minutes using a tsp of oil and rest it.

Paratha recipe assembly and rolling paneer:

1. Pinch a medium ball of dough first and roll about 5 inches in diameter.

2. Place in the middle the prepared stuffing.

3. Pleating to the middle takes the edge and proceed.

4. And from the centre, click the pleats.

5. Sprinkle some chapati scale with flour and roll.

Parata recipe roasting paneer:

1. The roller paratha is first on a hot Tava, then both sides cook it.

2. Add oil/ghee, too, and slightly click.

3. Finally, add sauce, raita or pickle to the spicy paneer parathas.


● First of all, when they are thin, paneer paratha tastes fantastic. You can keep it dense, though, too.

● I applied less oil, in addition. However, when roasting, you should add additional oil or ghee to make it tastier. Also, during heating, you can add vegetable ghee or dalda.

● Furthermore, change the palate to the spices or the green chilli. When serving the children with spicy paratha, you may need to be careful.

● Finally, if you're a novice, do not overstuffing, because it may be hard to roll. Mix the dough stuffing and roll the paratha's even.

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