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Is Paratha Healthy For Breakfast? Tips For Making Healthy Paratha

Posted by Admin on September, 14, 2020

Paratha is widely loved all across India and a staple food item of North Indian breakfast. Due to that, there is always an argument regarding paratha based on its nutritional value. According to nutritionist, paratha has ample nutritional value, and eating it is a sign of healthy habit. However, its food value depends on how you cook it. If you use too much oil or ghee whiling making paratha then curb the food value by adding excessive fat. On the other hand, having unhealthy stuffing it also reduces the food value.

According to the Mix Veg Paratha Manufacturer In Pune, ingredients of paratha make all the difference. Flour is the main ingredient of paratha, and the nutritional value has lot to do with it. So, to make the healthiest version of paratha you need to choose healthy flour. If you choose whole wheat flour or multigrain flour then, it will be naturally healthy. If you prefer paratha in breakfast, and want to make it healthy, the following tips may help you.

Tips to Make Paratha Healthy

• While you are making paratha you can add sooji with whole wheat or multigrain flour. You can also buy a healthy mix from a Mix Veg Paratha Supplier In Pune

• It is always a healthy way to get healthy paratha mix from Mix Veg Paratha Importer, instead of using maida

• To make the paratha soft you can add milk that will add extra nutrition

• If you add milk during the time of kneading, then it will be soft and remain fresh for a long time

• To make stuff partha, you can opt for stuffing different vegetables instead of potato

• To reduce the calorie from paratha, you need to add lesser amount of ghee/oil

Health Tips for the People

You cannot make paratha without oil or ghee. But, you can control the amount of it. You need to opt for the best brand of oil or ghee. To make the paratha healthy you need to choose neutral oil. Although, ghee is always a better option because the smoking point of ghee is higher than oil. On the other hand, ghee is derived from dairy so it is naturally nutritious. People who follow vegan diet can choose vegetable oil, and can also replace milk with water while kneading.

To maintain a healthy diet, you need to be careful about the serving. If you want to control your weight you need to limit the serving size. No matter how healthy you make your paratha, if you eat in large quantity it will affect you. So, portion control is vital, but you need to ensure that the quantity is enough for you. Depending on the biological and physiological factors the calorie intake varies.

Therefore, you need to have knowledge about your body and other related factors to decide your calorie intake. Breakfast is considered as the vital meal of the day. To keep it healthy, you can take suggestion from a nutritionist.

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