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Aloo Paratha – Part Of Frozen Food

Posted by Admin on September, 10, 2019

Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular dishes in India. It was first discovered in ancient Punjab, which is a region in India. However, it soon became quite popular all across South Asia, and today it is available in almost every region of South Asia because of the aloo paratha suppliers. It is prepared with whole-wheat flour and mashed potatoes along with Indian spices. A paratha can be eaten simply with a dash of butter spread on top. However, it is best served along with pickles and yoghurt, apart from thick spicy curries of meat and vegetables.

The paratha has travelled to several places, and this has led to the evolution of several variations. Among all the vegetarian versions of this magnificent dish, the aloo paratha is the favorite one for most of the people.

How to make aloo paratha healthy and tasty?

• With the traditional recipes if we incorporate whole grains/wheat and healthier fats such as butter and the results are much more healthy for you.

• You may also pick to additional vegetables in place if high starch and carbohydrate ingredients, and potatoes for the filling.

• Along with the good recipes if we add some of these alternative ingredients are indeed very tasty, yet better for you.

• It is important to choose quality ingredients to preserve the taste.

• While kneading paratha dough adds milk. Either mix it with milk or half milk and half water can be taken. Milk makes it extra beneficial, and paratha becomes much softer.

• If you wish to prepare low-calorie paratha use a lesser amount of ghee/oil. First, cook paratha without ghee from both sides and then brush them with 1/2 tsp ghee on both sides. You will see your paratha comes out well cooked and perfectly crisp. Cook them in such a way that you use less amount of oil.

• Lastly, choose alternative cooking oils that are more flavorful with lower smoke points, such as pure olive oil (not extra virgin).

Steps to keep aloo paratha fresh for one or two days

• You can refrigerate the leftovers if any, but not for more than a day.

• They keep longer if you freeze them.

• To keep cold parathas, just wrap them properly in foil.

• Reheat them on a griddle with a little oil.

• Freeze them by stacking them with parchment paper or aluminum foil squares between each and put them in a Ziploc bag.

• Pull out as many as you need and reheat them in a skillet.

Why aloo paratha is so popular in India

• Easy to made

• Affordable for everyone

• Ingredients are easily available

• Can be served with different types of chutneys and other taste-enhancing food items like butter or ghee

• Can be preserved for a few days

• Easily available almost every part in India

• Provides energy instantly

• Ready to serve meal

How to choose a good Aloo Paratha Manufacturer in Pune

• Manufacturer should hold credentials in manufacturing, exporting and supplying premium Frozen Aloo Paratha.

• Aloo Paratha must be prepared under hygienic conditions and stored in a proper warehouse to keep them preserved.

• The Frozen Aloo Parathas must have mouth-watering taste and freshness.

• It should be supplied to the Clients at market-leading prices.

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